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Aarti 2 in Amsterdam

If you are familiar with Aarti you are sure to order the sequel! Delicious Surinamese and Indian food that you know from the toko in Purmerend where they have been since 1989. The menu is therefore inspired by this toko and, as with any good sequel, the fixed values and actors are back. How about Roti with Chicken Curry Bones, Gambas, Nasi Moksi Meti, noodles with soy sauce chicken breast, white rice with roasted chicken and so on. Aarti 2 in Amsterdam can deliver daily from four until almost midnight. The tastiest Surinamese food!.

The most popular dish at Aarti 2 in Amsterdam is the Roti with curry chicken breast. This includes no less than two types of vegetables and you can order the roti in regular or special. If you go for special, there is always extra meat, extra vegetables and of course a nice egg. But there is more than just roti chicken breast on the menu.
How about chicken leg, pumpkin, tempeh, tofu, lamb. At Aarti 2 in Amsterdam they have plenty of options for every roti lover to enjoy. Aarti 2 in Amsterdam one of the best Surinamese or Indian specialties? This will always work at Aarti 2 in Amsterdam. You can choose to pay online with iDeal or cash at the door.